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DIY: Creating a Wedding & Party Candy Bar

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to have some fun with a DIY candy bar. A candy bar is a great addition to a wedding, shower or any party for that matter! It can serve as a favor for guests to take home with them or just a nice treat in addition to the wedding cake. The best part is, it’s simple to create and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Piecing together a Candy Bar

We love the look of Apothecary Jars, but the cost can add up really quickly, so we decided to just go with two jars from Michaels. Regular glass cylinder vases can be found at the Dollar Tree!

To add a little color to the jars, we went with these pretty pink and white pots from Michaels. These are actually a recycled item from STP co-owner Jen’s wedding (shhh) where one of the bridesmaids made them extra pretty using decorative ribbon.

Next, we added some simple décor and additions to accentuate our love theme and help fill in the gaps between the candy jars:

  • Pink chalkboard from Michael’s

  • White Cupids Arrow sign from the Bullseye section at Target

  • White Wood Heart from Michael’s; LOVE calligraphy on white heart by the talented Lions_N_Lillies

  • XO banner from the Bullseye section at Target

  • Cupcake stand from Bullseye section at Target

  • A sweet drink- we used the mason jars glasses (from Target) and some Target heart straws to create a colorful, sweet drink- a Shirley Temple! Make it a Dirty Shirley by adding in some vodka ;-)

Our Candy Bar Tips

Now that you have the supplies, here are a few tips for bringing it all together

  • A quick Google search will prove there are so many kinds of candy bar bags that you can use and they are really cheap. A nice, personalized touch is to get a custom stamp made with your names/wedding date and stamp the bags.

  • When creating a candy bar, use various size jars to create different heights and levels or you can simply raise some above others by adding a box below the table cloth

  • Flowers freshen up any display and these were created from flowers picked up at the grocery store

  • Depending on the size of your party (a wedding is different from a shower), you don’t need to go crazy on the amounts of candy and fill your whole jar if it is huge. We added some pink shredded paper to some of our vases as filler-it serves a purpose and looks pretty!

It doesn’t have to be expensive! You may already have vases in your house that you can use. Shop around and take advantage of stores like the Dollar Tree, Michael’s and Target. You’ll be amazed by all of the crafty things you can find at a discount!

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