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Avoiding Wedding Planning Worrying

The beginning of the planning process is similar to the beginning of a new relationship. Everything is so exciting and there’s so much you want to do. As wedding and event planners we know the feeling! With each new client, we see and feel their excitement about their upcoming nuptials. They have that sparkle in their eyes and smile whenever they speak about their ideas for the big day.

Then suddenly, on a random Tuesday a few months before that big day, anxiety starts to set in.

The reality of putting on the biggest party you’ve ever thrown, with a budget bigger than you thought you could afford, and with people that you have never met before can turn your wedding into worrying. It is normal to start second guessing the decisions you’ve made and the timelines you’ve created. The sparkle in you eyes starts to dim a little and instead your palms start to sweat. These are all genuine concerns- afterall, they don’t call it the “big day” for nothing. However, your wedding day and every day leading up to it should be one of the most exciting times of your life, not the most stressful.

We have a few tips for couples when the wedding worries start to kick in:

  • We know it’s easy for us to say, but stay calm! Really, stay calm! Your day will be beautiful

  • Stay organized! Something as simple as a binder from the dollar store and color coded tabs will make your vendors and details easy to read and in order

  • Ask for help if you need it! So many of your friends and family will say "let me know if I can help" and that’s because they really mean it, so don’t hesitate to get them involved

  • Remember there will ALWAYS be some missteps or mishaps throughout the planning process, but those are the moments you’ll look back on as a couple and laugh and be so happy you got through them as a team

  • You’re blending two families together, which may be an adjustment at first, but listening to each other and compromising where you can will make that transition a lot easier

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, hire a planner (and not just because we are planners!) because we can take all those extras off of your plate. We know you can’t take months off from work just to plan your wedding and as it gets closer and closer to your walk down the aisle you don’t want any of those little details to fall through the cracks. As your planners we can help you manage details and be a third party mediator to help in making tricky decisions. Keep in mind, we’re happy to jump on board at any point in your process, even if you only have Two Months to Go!

The bottom line is, when that excitement turns into worries just remember why you’re getting married. The love you two have for each other has brought you here and it will definitely bring you through these stressful moments!

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