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Jersey Shore Engagement Photos

As the weather begins to warm up, it's a perfect time for newly engaged couples to start scouting out engagement photo locations. If you have already secured your wedding photographer, it's best to have them snap your engagement photos, as they may be included in your package or at a discount. Plus, it's a great opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know eachother! So, today we're taking at look at some of our favorite Jersey Shore engagement photo locations.

To help get us started, we asked Ben Tapper of Endless Wave Studios to share his favorite locations. He chose Cattus Island and Manasquan Inlet, which just happen to be some of our favorites as well!

1170 Cattus Island Blvd., Toms River

Cattus Island Park is a unique park that covers 500 acres and includes trails that overlook the Barnegat Bay and norther barrier island. It is a great place to capture you and your loved one in the middle of nature. Photos by Endless Wave Studios

Manasquan, NJ

Manasquan Inlet connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Manasquan River. It's scenic views and jetty help to create the perfect engagement photo shoot location! Photos by Endless Wave Studios

And now for some of our all time favorites....

Asbury, NJ

The Asbury Park boardwalk is filled with historic locations such as the Paramount Theatre and iconic images such as Tillie's face on the old Palace Amusements building. The colors and history along with the beach locations give couples endless options for creative photographs.

Sandy Hook, NJ

We're so excited for 2017 when we will have the opportunity to work at this beautiful venue...twice! Sandy Hook is a 6 mile long barrier spit filled with georgous beaches, historic landmarks such as Fort Hancock and the beautiful Sandy Hook lighthouse. Seriously, does this location have everything or what!?

Island Heights/Toms River, NJ

While growing up in Toms River, we quickly discovered the beautiful borough of Island Heights. It's a charming area along the Toms River where we often went for runs and walks while admiring the beautiful houses. It's a lovely, quaint spot for any couples' engagement photos!

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