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Wedding Day Glam

Makeup by Beke Beau

Photo by Marie Labbancz

Every girl who dreams of her wedding day also dreams of how fabulous she will look. She imagines flawless makeup, the perfect hair day and being in the best shape of her life. We talk to so many brides who are “sweating for the wedding” and pinning hairstyles galore. We totally get this! Why wouldn’t you want to look your best as you walk down the aisle? Getting glam is hard work, so we have a few tips when it comes to your dream look for your dream day!

Do your research on different makeup artists and hair stylists! Ask your friends who they used and read reviews online. You want to make sure that you and your glam squad are on the same page when it comes to your wedding day look.

● Think about what kind of style of makeup you are looking for. If you rarely wear makeup, you’ll probably want to find an artist that focuses on natural looks. Another thing to think about is whether you want an artist who uses traditional makeup application or airbrush application. Here’s one makeup artists perspective on the difference between the two.

Schedule a trial! Don’t go into your big day blind. You want to make sure your big day doesn’t turn into a big disaster by scrambling to find a look you like at the last minute. Bring some ideas on the day of your trial (Pinterest is a great resource for all different hairstyle inspirations!) but keep an open mind as your hair stylist or makeup artist may have a suggestion for either something more practical (ie if you are having an beach wedding, you may want to go for an updo in case of a windy day) or something that works better with your particular hair/face shape. Don’t get frustrated, just keep doing it until you get it right, so that on the morning of you can sip a mimosa and relax!

Don’t try anything drastic! If you’ve never contoured then don’t try to Kim Kardashian it. If you’ve never had blonde highlights then don’t see if they look good a week before the wedding. Stay true to yourself and don’t try to be anyone else including that girl with a spray tan if you’re paler than a ghost!

Do glam it up! Your wedding day is a day you’ll be pampered so make sure you schedule some time that week to get a manicure, a pedicure, a wax and anything else that will make you feel your most sexy self!

Hair by Jackie of Bella Angel

Photo by Marie Labbancz

● Make sure you schedule plenty of time for your hair and makeup on your wedding day. You’d rather have more time and be relaxing with your friends and family than be rushed. Adding an extra stylist typically doesn’t add too much to the cost, so consider having 2 hair and 2 makeup artists on hand. If you are going with only 1 of each, add an hour buffer for

the unknown!

Get instructions from your hair stylist and pass them along to your bridesmaids in advance- some prefer you to come with unwashed hair while others prefer that you have your hair freshly washed.

● If you want to lose a few extra pounds (though we’re sure you don’t need to) to feel fit in that beautiful dress start a healthy eating plan with you and your lover! Getting in shape and losing weight is 80% diet. Make healthy eating fun by subscribing to Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. Two great meal delivery services that will bring you and partner closer in the kitchen as you cook side by side!

When in doubt, be yourself! Bruno Mars said it best when he said your person fell in love with you exactly the way that you are. Don’t get lost in losing or looking pretty. You should be the best version of yourself as you walk down the aisle and what looks better than any makeup application? Confidence and happiness!

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