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Is a Sunday Wedding for You?

Photo by Marie Labbancz

Typically when couples begin their venue search they are planning for a Saturday wedding. Often, they have a weekend in mind or at least a month in mind. It’s great to have an idea of the month, day and maybe even weekend that you are looking for, but once you find the venue that you love, be prepared to show some flexibility with the day and date you had in mind.

First, you may find a venue that you love that doesn’t have the weekend available you’d like. Or, they have your weekend available, but only that Sunday. Maybe Sunday’s are all that they have available in September, your dream wedding month. That leaves you deciding whether or not a Sunday wedding can work for your and your loved one. When tackling this decision, here are some things we’d recommend considering!

Benefits of a Sunday Wedding

  • Often, even during peak season, venues offer a 10% discount on their packages for both Friday and Sunday weddings

  • If you are planning to have your wedding at the Jersey Shore in the summer, your guests may be able to avoid traffic by arriving on a Sunday and departing on a Monday

  • Many people would prefer to take Monday’s off from work rather than a Friday

  • Your rehearsal dinner can be held on Saturday, so there is no rushing from work for your wedding party and close relatives

  • If you are looking for something a little more casual, a Sunday wedding can allow for that more relaxed, less formal feeling

  • Appointments for things like hair and makeup may have more availability on a Sunday then Friday or Saturday

  • Some Sunday weddings can be attached to a Monday holiday like Labor Day or Memorial Day Weekend when your family and friends will have a three day weekend

  • With your wedding on a Sunday, you have the ability to have a complete wedding weekend. Welcome drinks on Friday, rehearsal dinner on Saturday and the big day on Sunday!

Challenges of a Sunday Wedding

  • Many of your guests may have to return home after the wedding, rather than spending the night if they have to work the next day

  • A lot of people view Sunday as a day to spend with their family and may not want to attend a wedding that day

  • If your venue has a Saturday wedding, your rehearsal may need to be scheduled for Friday, or even on the day of your wedding

  • Due to a Saturday night event, you and your bridal party may not be able to get into the venue until later in the day on Sunday

  • You can’t host a Sunday Farewell Brunch for all of your overnight guests

  • Many guests will not want a hangover on their Monday morning back at work so the party atmosphere may be a little tamer on a Sunday night

Overall, your decision should be based on what is best for you and your partner. Just remember- it’s YOUR big day so despite the opinions of friends and family, if Sunday is best for you, choose Sunday!

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