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Creating a Packing List

There is a lot of stuff to remember to bring on the day of our wedding, so it's important to get organized!

Sometimes venues will allow you to drop things off in advance, others it has to be the morning of. If you aren’t working with a wedding planner, some venues have a coordinator that will organize the items you brought for you, while others leave it up to the couple to put all of their DIY décor out. If you are traveling a distance to your wedding, it becomes even more important to be organized with what you are brining to ensure you don’t forget anything.

To help you get organized, we wanted to share a template we use for our couples. It is something you can start filling out early in the process so that even the little things get added as you go.

  • We recommend breaking things down into categories by when you are using them: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception, After Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Next Day Brunch

  • Include the quantity you need to bring with you to not only make sure that you bring the correct amount, but also so that your planner or venue coordinator knows if a box is hidden under a table that has the remaining 50 favors

  • Who is bringing it? Sometimes a vendor is responsible for an item but you may still want to include it on your chart as a reminder to yourself

  • Include a column for where things go- this will help you to visualize and break things up when you drop them off at the venue. You should also mark your boxes with what is in them and where they go. If you are having a day of coordinator or your venues coordinator set up for you, this will also be helpful

  • Include a column for what happens after the ceremony. Hopefully it isn’t you, but someone has to pack up your stuff! Do you want to keep any favors that get left behind? How about any extra menu cards? Who is in charge of bringing home your gifts? It is best to decide this stuff in advance and indicate it on your list for whoever gets tasked with packing up your valuables.

The bottom line is, don’t wait until last minute to pack and get organized! Do what you can as you go to avoid last minute stressing!

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