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Fun at Your Fall Wedding

Photo via The Knot

With the heat wave that we had in August, it’s hard to believe that pumpkin spice and leggings will be just around the corner! Fall has become one of the most popular seasons because of its unique colors and tastes and that is especially true in New Jersey. The leaves start to change color, the air becomes crisp and all the things that make fall so fun are on display! If you are a lover of fall like we are then it is a great opportunity to incorporate the seasonal accents into your fall wedding! Below are a few ideas that let you guests know fall is in the air and on your mind.

Pumpkin Spice Everything

You’ve seen the commercials, instagram posts and the tweets all about pumpkin spice season! We’d like to say we are tired of it, but we aren’t and we are sure your guests aren’t either! If a fall wedding is what you want then it is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your favorite seasonal item. Typically when you hear pumpkin spice you think of coffee, so maybe you’ll want to add a specialty coffee to your dessert bar. Another fun idea is a pumpkin spice mini doughnut as a favor wrapped up for each guest to take. Or maybe it’s a small pumpkin spice candle to warm guests at home.

Signature Drink Ideas

Cocktails at your wedding are a must so why not make them seasonal! On a brisk fall night what tastes better than a glass of apple sangria. Or if you and your lover are whiskey drinkers how about an apple cider whiskey smash. For the sweetest of drinkers maybe a pumpkin pie martini or a butterscotch martini! Whatever your drink of choice is adding a little fall to it always makes it better!

Photo via Jo-Lynne Shane

DIY Bride

Whether it be centerpieces, décor, favors or flowers, fall is center stage on Pinterest. It may be hard to narrow down your ideas with so many possibilities, but we found a few that are easy to make and beautiful to look at. Decorative pumpkins (real or fake) are always a crowd pleaser. Gold, silver, painted or adorned with lace, making pumpkins a part of your ceremony or reception decor is a must have at your big day. They can easily be spray painted or you can find an interesting stencil at your local craft store and make it look fancy! Another one we love is using what makes autumn so beautiful- the leaves! Before you rake up those pesky things search for ones that are unique and intact that you can use for a table display. Not only can leaves be a great addition, but so can sticks and twigs. Collect a bunch, spray them your favorite metallic or fun color and place them in a clear vase. You will be amazed how much a little paint can change your tablescape! Photo via Deer Pearl Flowers

Candy Season

When you were a kid why did you love the fall so much? Probably because it meant Halloween was right around the corner! Well as an adult maybe you’re not going to be dressing up in a costume for your big day, but you can enjoy the treats! End the night the sweetest way possible by creating a candy bar with your childhood favorites or maybe just everyone’s fall favorites like candy corn or butterscotch candies. If you want to take it one step further, chocolate dipped apples or kettle corn make for a great fall treat!

No matter what fall items you decide to incorporate into your wedding day we know fall-ing in love all over again will be the very best part!

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