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2017 Wedding Trends

Photo by Lauri for Emily Wren Photography

It’s a new year which means not only are we making resolutions we rarely keep, but new trends are emerging in the wedding world. In 2016 we’ve seen some of these trends start to peek their heads and we think they will make a grand entrance as 2017 begins to unfold. Check them out below and decide if they are something you’d like to make a part of your big day!

Unplugged Ceremonies

More and more couples are asking their guests to “unplug” when they arrive at the ceremony so that there are no distractions or interruptions. Don’t be surprised if you see the sign that says to put your cell phone away while the couple says I do in 2017!

Bridal Parties? We have a Wedding Party

Times have changed and so have bridal parties. Couples don’t feel limited to just having one side of boys and one side of girls. They want the special people in their life next to them on their big day so couples now have wedding parties filled with whomever they choose!

Garden Inspired Florals

Swoon worthy bouquets and centerpieces were everywhere in 2016 and we can see that trend is not stopping in the new year. Couples are choosing large arrangements with flowers picked from a garden and greenery flowing everywhere. Garland made of greenery and whimsical flowers have also adorned many tables and will continue to do so.

Photo by Lauri for Emily Wren Photography

First Looks

Having a first look isn’t anything new, but it becoming more common. Many couples don’t want to waste time taking pictures in between their ceremony and reception. They want to enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests and a first look alleviates that problem.

Tech Effects

Wedding hashtags were so 2016, but 2017 adds in even more tech effects like couples creating their own Snapchat geotags, like the one below from Copper And Blue. A fun way for guests to post pictures they take on your big day. Another futuristic tool couples are using are 3-D printing for cake toppers and other elements!


Color is back! We are seeing less and less of all white weddings and brides and grooms are adding pops of color to liven up their palette and show their personality. We are seeing rich deep colors and bright vibrant hues in florals, ceremony backdrops and even bridesmaid dresses.

All Day Feast

One of the best parts of a wedding day is the food! The cocktail hour, the dinner, the cake and a trend that will continue in the New Year is late night snacks for your guests! More and more couples are requesting sweet and savory snacks to be served while guests are dancing the night away building their appetite. Some couples even take it as far as hiring a food truck to feed their guests for the after party!

If you’re planning a wedding or you’re attending one in 2017 look for these new trends and even create some new ones of your own!

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