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Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

As wedding planners one of our top priorities is planning for emergencies. We realize how much time, effort and finances have gone into planning your big day. We know things can go wrong no matter how well you’ve planned and that’s when we step in. As a bride or a groom you don’t want to be dealing with issues on the happiest day of your life and you also don’t want to make someone run out to a store because something is missing or forgotten. That’s why we have our tried and trusted emergency kit.

Now you may be thinking how many items could really be needed on a wedding day, but trust us we have it all! Even our most prepared couples have had to use it for something! Maybe a wedding planner isn’t in your budget or your wedding day is approaching fast, so we wanted to help you out and share our most used items in our emergency kit. Now you’ll be ready for anything before you walk down the aisle!

Water/Granola Bars

This one is shocking right? Of course you have to eat and drink on your wedding day, but many people get so busy or nervous they don’t take the time to do it. Staying hydrated is crucial to help you feel your best, so make sure you have a bottle of water nearby throughout the day. Snacks are also important. Choose something that isn’t messy- like a granola bar. You don’t want to be standing at the altar ready to faint because you missed a meal. Have someone carry them in their bag and when your stomach starts to talk to you make sure you listen!


Our scissors are our saving grace every wedding we work. We constantly hear “does anyone have scissors?” Most of the items you wear on your big day aren’t the "something borrowed" which means they will all have tags or those pesky little things that are in dresses to help hang them up that need to be cut.


Anyone who has been in a wedding knows how long the day can last. You are up early and the day is nonstop. You barely have time to eat, so you definitely don’t have time to brush your teeth mid-day, so that is when a pack of mints or gum come in handy! You will be socializing and speaking with lots of people all day long. You don’t want them to think “wow how beautiful, but his/her breath is terrible.” Trust us… pack the mints.

Hairspray & Bobby Pins

Your dress isn’t the only thing that stuns on your big day. Your hair is a big piece of the wedding day puzzle. A lot of our brides have a glam squad that does hair and makeup and leaves all of the ladies feeling their best, but what happens when they leave? Your hair needs to stay intact until the end of the party. That is why we always have a bottle of hairspray and some bobby pins with us. Before someone walks down the aisle or in the limo to pictures if they need a touch up then the hairspray is there.


Weddings are such a joyous occasion and we’ve lost count of how many tears of joy we have seen before and after the walk down the aisle. These beautiful moments are sometimes a hazard to the perfect palette on your face. Tissues will help you blot those tears away without letting them run down your face or using your sleeve

Fashion Tape

Whether it be for you or one of your bridesmaids, it is likely that someone will have a strap that suddenly feels loose or a bra that is starting to show. Fashion tape will come in handy to help you and all of your girls feel secure and comfortable in their dresses.

Sewing Kit

This is another surprising one, but it gets used at almost every wedding we work! You can grab one of these at the pharmacy and they are great for quick fixes.

We hope that these items are a part of your big day because they have come in handy for us more times than we can count. We have many many more items in our emergency kit, but just like Mary Poppins we can’t tell all of our secrets!

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