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  • Wendy Dessler, on behalf of Honeyfund

Honeymoon Registries

Honeymoon registries are becoming an increasingly popular way for couples to register for experiences, rather than traditional gifts on a registry. To learn more about Honeyfund, a popular honeymoon registry, Wendy Dessler, on behalf of Honeyfund, tells us about the most frequently asked questions regarding the registry. Check it out!

If you are preparing for your wedding, or if you have been invited to a wedding in the past few years, you are probably familiar with honeymoon registries. Honeymoon registries are very popular for several reasons.

However, if you are unclear about how these sites work or why you would want to use them, read on. We will address the most commonly asked questions about honeymoon registries. Soon you will know why they are so popular and why you should use one for your wedding.

What is a honeymoon registry?

A honeymoon registry is a crowdfunding website that you set up to allow your guests an easy way to give you wedding gifts. Just like old-fashion department store registries, you create the registry and list specific things you would like.

Your guest has the option to purchase one of those items or to contribute toward a large purchase with other gifters.

The key differences are you do not have to ask for things like sheets, blenders, or coffee makers (though you can). Instead, you list things like payment for a night in the honeymoon suite at your hotel, tickets to a theme park, concert or another event at your honeymoon destination, travel expenses, or cash to cover expenses.

A honeymoon registry allows your guests to help you enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams.

You can also ask for things like money to go toward a downpayment on a home, paying off student loans, remodeling your home or adding a nursery through crowdfunding platforms. Some couples use their honeymoon registry to raise funds for charity, to help someone in their life that is ill, or for community services.

Why is Honeyfund the best honeymoon registry?

According to wedding experts,, Honeyfund is probably the most popular honeymoon registry and one of the easiest to use.

Since Honeyfund was featured on Shark Tank, it’s popularity has continued to grow. Since then, thousands of couples around the world have chosen Honeyfund for their honeymoon registry.

How much does it cost?

Honeyfund is free to set up, and it is free for your guests to use. You can collect the money anytime you want to and it has built in sharing functions to help you get the word out and get the most of your registry.

If you chose to use premium features that to supercharge your honeymoon registry, there is a nominal fee, but this is 100% optional.

How do your guests use the site?

When you set up your Honeyfund, you will share the web address with your wedding guests. They log in to the website you provided and browse the items listed.

They use their debit or credit card to pay for the item of their choice. They have the option of simply gifting a particular amount to you and allow you to apply the funds where you choose.

Is Honeyfund Proper Wedding Etiquette?

Some wedding experts suggest that using a Honeyfund account is in poor taste. Others suggest it is perfectly acceptable.

This puts the final call in the laps of the couple. Most people love the idea of not having to go shopping and hoping they chose the right item.

Honeyfund allows a guest to spend what they want without worry that their gift will look foolish, especially if the only thing left on the traditional department store registry in your price range is a serving high priced serving spoon.

Gifting couples with cash or checks is not a new idea. This has happened for years. Honeyfund makes it easier to do from the comfort of your home. It also helps the couple plan their honeymoon without adding up checks from the shower and cash from the reception.

Check out Honeyfund for yourself and see if this is the way you would like to receive your weddin

g gifts. Most people agree it is the best site available.

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