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Creating the Perfect Welcome Bag

Often your guests have traveled a long way to come celebrate with you, so it’s a nice surprise when they are welcomed by a gift bag at check in. Here are some ideas for how to make your welcome bag special.

Include An Itinerary

Let guests know what is going on for the weekend. Include things like a time and location for welcome drinks, the rehearsal, ceremony start and after party information. If there is a shuttle bus to the venue, this is a great place to remind people of the time as well.

Local Points of Interest

Provide your friends and family with an area map or a list of local places to check out. These could include practical things like hair salons, grocery stores and yoga studios as well as places of interest like the closest boardwalk and your favorite shore ice cream shop.

A Taste of the town

We love when couples include a favorite snack from the area. For Jersey Shore weddings, salt water taffy is our favorite treat. If you have a favorite local bakery you can add a tasty treat from them. If your town has a brewery or a vineyard, throw in a bottle or two!

Your basics

It’s always nice to provide guests with the basics for a long night of partying- gum, mints, tums, advil, etc. If you want to add a little something extra, throw in a fun eye mask or a custom door hanger.

A Note from the couple

It doesn’t have to be personalized, but take the time to write a note welcoming people to town for your big day. Let them know just how thankful you are to have

them there

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