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Often Overlooked Budget Items

Photo by Laurie for Emily Wren Photography

As you are developing your budget for your big day there are a lot of little details to remember. Of course you know to budget for things like your centerpieces and your favors, but there are some items that couples consistently overlook. Here are a few reminders about the items that we often see couples forgetting.

Adding Tax…and Gratuity!

Sometimes vendors will give you a total cost for their services in the beginning without providing a line by line breakdown. If you are given a lump sum or a quote without tax listed, be sure to ask if tax and gratuity are added to the final bill. With tax being 6.875% in NJ and gratuity being 15-20%, these can tack on a lot of money.

Tips for your vendors

As you near your wedding day, you may decide that you want to show your appreciation to some of your vendors with a tip. Often, tips are given in envelopes with cash on the night of your wedding. There are a lot of vendors and hopefully you find them all amazing, so tips add up quickly.

Your Hotel Room

If your wedding reception is at a hotel they will sometimes include your night of the wedding room in your contract. Other times though, they will just include an upgrade. Make sure you check out your contract to see if your room fee is included because if not, you will likely be paying for at least one night before your wedding, plus your wedding night in a hotel.

Venue Specifics

When looking for your venue ask as many questions as you can in case they need you to budget for something that is in addition to their contract. Some venues require you to rent certain things yourself while others ask that you carry wedding insurance (not a bad idea anyway!). Sometimes you may even need special permits for things like tents so be sure to ask about any potential additional costs with each venue that you check out.


Stamps, stamps and more stamps…you need so many! Don’t forget to budget for save the dates, invites and thank you cards in your postage line item of your budget.

When in doubt, budget for more than what you think things will cost and be sure to throw in all of the little things (even jewelry, garter, robes, etc) because they really do add up quickly. Happy budgeting!

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