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Cheers to a great 2017 Wedding Season!

As we wrap up the 2017 wedding season we are reflecting on all of the amazing couples we worked with and awesome ideas that we saw throughout the year. We wanted to share with you some of the fun trends and great ideas that we saw during the year!


We sure do love our desserts and we really enjoyed when candy bars and cupcakes were trending, but now doughnuts seem to be the newest dessert craze! There are a lot of fun ways to display doughnuts whether they be on a wall with pegs or a doughnut stand. Georgia & Steve found some custom, unique flavors from one of our favorites, Broad St Dough Co. or you can have the doughnuts made on-site by Glazed and Confused. No matter which route you go, they are always a hit!


This year we saw more couples opting out of providing guests with wedding favors which often go to waste or people forget to take them. Instead, we saw a lot of couples making a donation to a cause that was important to them in lieu of favors. We love this!

Food Trucks

More and more couples are surprising their guests with some amazing food as they hit the road. We’ve talked about this in our previous blog post, Late Night Eats, but we love a late night food truck and trust us, so do your wedding guests!!! Last year we saw wedding guests being treated to pizza from Brooklyn and The Empanada Guy and this year they enjoyed Johnny’s Pork Roll Truck, Strollo’s Italian Ice and Rita’s Italian Ice. So much fun!

Dogs, dogs and more dogs

This year a bunch of our couples found ways to honor their dogs at their weddings. For those who had pups that had passed away, they chose to display lots of happy photos on a memorial table for their dog. Amanda and Greg gave guests “doggie bags” filled with treats to take home to their dog and Samantha & James even had a life-size cardboard cutout of their dog next to their sweet heart table. This made us so happy!

Photo by Dan for Endless Wave

Seaglass coloring

There are many ways to incorporate the Shore or beach into your wedding theme but one we saw a few times this year was the use of a sea glass color palette. The seaglass coloring can extend so far and provide such pretty tones throughout your venue space. Robin & Doug even gave their guests seaglass candy as a favor while Krissa & Bill used seaglass to decorate their cake.

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