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Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones

Photo by Susan Shek

This time of year many people remember family traditions and relive memories from holidays past. It is a magical time of year but also a time where many people remember lost loved ones. Planning and celebrating a wedding day is no different. It is a very special moment in your life where family and friends come together to honor your commitment to each other and it makes you wish some of those important people in your life that have passed away were there with you. Below we give you some ideas on how to keep the spirit of those loved ones with you on your wedding day.

Memorial Table

This is the most common way we’ve seen couples bring attention to the friends and family they’ve lost. Couples will bring photos of their loved ones in frames and display them on a table in the reception for guests to look at and remember people that were important to the couple.

Candles Burning

This idea is similar to a Memorial Table where guests will display photos of lost loved ones but they will also burn a candle in honor of each of them. The candles are a beautiful way to show your guests that the love you have for those you’ve lost still burns bright.

Reserved Seats

Some couples choose not to display photos, however they do decide to reserve a seat for maybe a grandparent or godparent that has passed. They do this by leaving a seat or two empty in the front row of the ceremony. The seat will have a sign that says who it is reserved for and left empty throughout the entire ceremony.

Something Special on your Bouquet

Some brides decide to remember loved ones in a more intimate way. Many have chosen to attach something special to their such as a grandmother’s set of pearls, a mother’s lace from her wedding dress and even sometimes a small picture of a family member at the base of the bouquet. Whatever they have chosen has been a special way to include them on their wedding day.

Releasing Balloons

A bit of a more unique way to remember your family and friends is to release something into the sky. Sky lanterns are beautiful but most venues won’t allow them so some couples have decided to release balloon. It is a meaningful and memorable moment where guests can watch you honor those that you wish were by your side. The couple, joined by their closest loved ones, each hold a balloon and when the moment is right you release them together.

Whatever way you decide to remember your friends and family that aren’t able to share your special day with you is the perfect way because even though they may not be by your side they’ll always be in your heart!

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