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Children at Your Wedding

Weddings are a wonderful celebration of families, friends and all the important people in your life. They are also a time for adults to enjoy a night out full of dancing, socializing and cocktails. Many couples we work with go back and forth about the idea of inviting children to their wedding. Below are some things to consider and also some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to making that decision!

If you invite a few, you may have to invite them all…

We all have those close family members or friends that have children and their children feel like your children. You couldn’t imagine your big day without them; however by only allowing your brother’s children at the wedding, you may cause some problems if you’re not inviting your best friend’s children. Now remember, it is your day and what you want goes but you may want to consider the best way to invite some and not others. One way to do this is by including the children you’d like to invite in your wedding by making flower girls or ring bearers. This makes them officially a part of the whole day!

Kid’s Meals All Around

Even if a guest isn’t old enough to drink a rum and coke, they will still need to eat, which means you still have to pay for them. We know many couples are looking to reduce their guest list, not add to, so if you don’t want to pay for chicken fingers and fries then maybe your wedding should be a kid free zone. On the bright side, if you do decide to invite the little ones, kid’s meals are always cheaper since they won’t be heading to the bar!

Babysitters are hard to find

Some parents love a night out on the town and have their babysitter on call whenever they need him/her. Others have trouble finding one and would rather bring their children so they know they are safe and sound. One way to fix this problem is to have a babysitter on site in a separate room. The parents pack some games, snacks and pajamas and lead their children to a room not far from the reception where their little ones will have a party of their own. This is coordinated by the couple getting married and always a crowd favorite among parents. Check out My Fair Nanny if you think this is a service that may be of use at your wedding!

Some parents need a night out and some don't

When all else fails and you can’t decide what you should do, talk to your friends and family and see if they want their kids at the wedding. You’ll find many of them will have a strong opinion either waym which may help you make your decision. Whatever they do say, remember it is your big day and no

answer is the wrong answer!

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