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Q&A With Lauren, Buff Brides To Be

Instagram is such a great place to find inspiration for style, travel, food and staying fit! We recently found some fitness inspiration from Lauren at Buff Brides to Be! Lauren helps transform brides into their best selves, leaving them feeling confident for their walk down the aisle. She is a personal trainer who focuses on strength training with an emphasis on core. Her goal is create a toned and lean body by developing a workout routine for her brides that doesn’t require a gym, just some dumbells and a good attitude! Lauren is based in Monmouth County, NJ, but if you aren’t local, she offers online programs as well.

We reached out to her for a little Q&A to find out what inspires her and how we can spread the word so she can help more brides live their best life before they tie the knot!

Q- What made you start your business idea?

A-I trained a few brides and loved the process!!! I liked the idea of setting a goal and reaching it. I love the satisfaction of getting an email or message from a bride after a wedding telling me how amazing she felt.

Q-Do you only train brides or anyone that is interested? Grooms too?

A-I have been training all ages all types of people for several years but in 2015 I decided to focus on only training brides. I have trained bride and grooms together which is a lot of fun!!! I still currently train non brides as well.

Q-Do you do in person training or is it all online?

A-I primarily train in person. The online business was just recently started. This way my program can be brought to many other places and many other brides.

Q-What is the average length you work with a bride? When would you recommend they start with you?

A-I have worked as short as 6 weeks and long as 2 years

Q- Your website provides a great list of your services, but what do you feel is an important part of your services for brides to know?

A-The most important service I provide is the accountability. It’s so important to check in daily to help motivate them . I sometimes only meet with my client 1 time a week so it’s important that I stay on top of them daily.

Q- What type of time commitment is it for brides to do each day?

A-I recommend at least 45 min a day.

Q-Why would you recommend your program over other fitness programs out there?

A-My program is specific to each client’s needs. I provide a high energy fun atmosphere while kicking their butts!! I hold each client accountable and I become just as obsessed with their goals as they are. I truly care about my clients and what they want to achieve! Everybody is different and has different needs. I believe I am able to adapt to that and make the “fitness” experience fun and rewarding at the same time!! I love my job!!! And it shows!!!

Q-If you had any advice to give a bride who is getting in shape for her wedding what would it be?

A- Consistency is key. I stress the importance of staying on track but also understanding why you need to stay on track!! I tell them it’s one of the most special days of their lives. They spend so much time planning, etc that getting fit and feeling amazing on your wedding day is just as important!!! There is no better feeling!

Q-How can people get in touch with you?

A- You can find me on my instagram page-Buff Brides to Be or also e-mail me at!

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