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Cooking Delivery Options

We are always looking for fun things for our couples to do or try as newlyweds! Going out to dinner at new restaurants is always enjoyable but staying home for dinner can be too. The STP Team loves to cook and we wanted to spice things up in the kitchen so we decided to try a few of the the home delivery meal kits where the ingredients come to you. The meal services provide you with the ingredients and step by step instructions to make the meal. It's something that you can do as a couple and then enjoy the finished product! Check out the details below so you can become a restaurant style chef in your very own kitchen too!

Blue Apron

This company was one of the first to pioneer the meal kit delivery movement. We both tried it out a couple years ago and continue to still get deliveries! This meal delivery service is a great way to try new flavors or add ingredients that you may have never used before. They offer a wide range of recipes like Pesto Salmon, Sweet Potato Jalapeño Quesadillas, Korean Style Popcorn Chicken and Zucchini and Black Bean Enchiladas to name a few. You get the opportunity to choose what meals you want to cook by picking your recipes in advance on the website or app. If nothing looks appealing to you or it will be a busy week you can skip a week without being charged! The cost starts at $7.49 per meal (per person) and you have the option of choosing dinner for 2 or 4 for up to 4 times a week. In each box you will receive fresh ingredients, a step by step guide from prep to the finished product and nutritional information about all of your recipes.


  • Exciting recipes with new flavors and ingredients

  • Easy to modify and choose recipes

  • Delicious and fresh pastas and bread


  • Sometimes a lengthy prep time

  • Not very kid friendly

Hello Fresh Moroccan Chicken Sausage Tagine

Hello Fresh

Another great option when it comes to home delivery. Hello Fresh offers a variety of family friendly recipes that are a bit more all American than the other meal services. They offer recipes like Cauliflower Bacon Mac and Cheese, Maple and Rosemary Glazed Pork Chops, Siracha Lime Cheeseburgers and Creamy Dill Chicken. Each week you can choose the next week’s recipes that look most delicious to you and just like the other services you can skip a week and you won’t get charged. The cost starts at $6.99 per meal (per person). There are options for dinners for 2-4 people and range for meals 2 to 4 times a week. What you’ll find in each box is a step by step guide to cooking the perfect meal, nutritional information and fresh ingredients.


  • Less prep time

  • Ingredients are separated into convenient fridge friendly boxes

  • Meals are family friendly


  • Recipes aren’t as adventurous

  • Meals aren’t always healthy

Green Chef Cajun Shrimp Mac and Cheese

Green Chef

Green Chef is actually owned by Hello Fresh! This service offers almost all organic ingredients and focuses on the quality of their ingredients. They offer a family plan (2 meals per week) or a regular plan (3 meals per week). You have the ability to customize your meals and also to customize your type of menu. The menu options include Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Omnivore, Vegetarian and Gluten Free. Depending on your menu, prices range from $11.99 per meal (per person) to $14.99. Each meals ingredients are conveniently separated into a different bag and labeled. Some of the ingredients come already chopped for you, which helps to save time!


  • Less prep time

  • Creative menus with a lot of options

  • Organic, Non-GMO ingredients


  • More expensive than the others

  • Sometimes cook time can be long

No matter what meal kit you choose it’s a great opportunity to spend time with a loved one or your family and create an Instagram worthy meal all in the comfort of your own kitchen! If you are interested in trying a service, let us know and we'd be happy to send you a code for a free week!

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