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Fall Wedding Favorites

Photo by Laurie for Emily Wren Photography

Fall is our favorite time of year for weddings. The beach crowds have died down, the weather is still favorable and the décor and color tie ins to the season are endless. Today we’re talking about some of our favorite fall things to see at weddings. For more ideas, check out our previous blog post about Fall Fun at your wedding.

Signature Cocktail

There are so many fall cocktails that make us feel cozy and like it is time for some crisp weather. Carolyn & Ed chose a Red Apple Sangria for their signature drink. We also love any cocktails that have Bourbon in it for the fall. Check out’s article on Fall cocktails you will love for more ideas!

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti Associates (Jenna)

A Fall Brew

Continuing on the drink train, incorporating a fall beer into your lineup adds a nice touch. You can drop them into welcome bags for guests when they arrive or see if your venue can get them in. You can select from an Oktoberfest beer or even a Pumpkin Ale.

Fall Favors

Fall favors are so much fun! There are so many ideas that we get excited about. Carolyn & Ed chose a fall flavored Jam from Etsy for their favors. Tricia and Alex had their wedding in Princeton and went with Apple Cider Doughnuts from Terhune Orchards. A non-edible idea is a fall scented candle. You can also do something like candy corn, caramel apples or mini apple pies….yummmm.

Fall Foliage

The fall colors are so beautiful so take advantage of those gorgeous backdrops. Ask your photographer if there are any local parks with lots of fall color that you can pop into for some photos. Incorporate some of those rich tones into your bridal parties colors and your flowers. Kerry Patel did the beautiful flowers for Tricia & Alex’s fall wedding and we continue to swoon over her fall looks.

Photo by Sweet Dani B

Dessert Makeover

Consider switching things up or adding some fall favorites to your dessert line up. Check out Delicious Orchards for some pies or apple cider doughnuts. Pumpkin pie is another fun one or mini cheesecakes and oatmeal raisin cookies. If you are really looking for something cute and fun you can check out the creative fall cookies that Sweet Dani B can make!

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