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Your wedding changed seasons? No problem!

Photo by Suess Moments

Our hearts go out to all of the couples that are having to move their wedding date. It is a very stressful time in the world so having to move your wedding on top of what’s going on can feel overwhelming. Please know that we are here for you if you have any questions or just want to run things by us!

Many couples are moving their spring and summer weddings to the fall and winter months. Once the wedding has been rescheduled and your vendors and guest have all been notified, you may find yourself thinking about some of the smaller details associated with the date change. Today we wanted to address some of these because we know that no matter what your new date is, it’s going to be an amazing day!

Can I still use my summer color scheme for the fall/winter?

YES, YES, YES! You’ve had to change enough, don’t go changing your colors! They will look beautiful in any season. If you are using spring/summer colors for your now fall/winter wedding, think of it as adding some pops of color and excitement to the season! We love the deep hues of the fall, but it’s ok to mix them with your pastels.

Photo by Laurie for Emily Wren

I was really hoping for outdoor photos but now I’m nervous my bridesmaids will freeze!

Even if it is snowing, we’re your squad will be ok with a few quick photos. To help them stay warm you can gift them each a pashmina. You can use one too or even a faux fur wrap to stay warm.

My ceremony is outside- will guests be too cold now?

Your guests will dress appropriately but if you are still worried, you can add some little touches to make them more comfortable. Pashminas or blankets can help to keep people warm while you say your vows or you can look into renting heat lamps. We'd also recommend talking to your venue about which indoor options they have available in case you'd prefer to go that route instead.

Are people going to want to attend a weeknight wedding?

Thursdays are the new Saturdays! Don’t worry if your wedding moved to a weekday- everyone understands these are crazy times! To put a fun spin on things you can add a mocktail to go along with your specialty cocktail. A fun end of the night take away could be a mini hangover kit for people who are going to work the next day.

I loved my venues spring/summer foliage, I’m afraid it will look bare now in the fall/winter.

We recommend talking to your venue about this. They can share photos of weddings previously held near your date so that you can see what is around at that time. If you still aren’t happy with what they have, you can look into bringing in some mums, cornstalks, hay or maybe some string lighting if it’s in December.

We hope that this helps to ease some of your concerns. Try to relax and know that your wedding is still going to be everything you hoped it would!

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