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Choosing your Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding table numbers are a simple decor item that you can check off your list early on. You likely won't know your final table count when you begin to search for table numbers, but you will have a rough idea by looking at the number of guests that you expect to attend and how many people will be seated at each table (check with your venue regarding table size if you haven't already!).

When searching for table numbers, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You should match the style to your overall style

  • You can match the style to your stationary

  • If you want to choose names for your tables, we'd also recommend putting numbers with them too. It is quicker for guests to find numbered tables.

Below are some ideas of different style table numbers that we love!


It is likely that you can order matching table numbers from the same place you got your wedding invitations. Another option is to check out Etsy where you can find a lot of simple, print at home options. For these, will just need holders for them. Make sure you test out your table numbers with the holders because sometimes the table numbers are heavy and can tip the holder over. You can also go with a frame holder, like these from Amazon, which are a very affordable and pretty option. [Above photo by Ann Coen Photography; Design by The Jess Press]


Wooden table numbers are a great touch for a rustic look. The Local Line in Red Bank has these for rent and Etsy offers a lot of options as well. [Above Photo: Jackie Averill Photography]


We love the look of a clear acrylic table number. You can also customize it with a color splash in the background to match your wedding colors. Check out The Jess Press for more ideas! [Above Photo by Lauren Ashley Photography; Table number by The Jess Press]


Freestanding numbers can be a great modern look in gold or silver. You can also find wooden freestanding ones that can be painted to match your wedding colors. [Above Photo by: Jessa Schifilliti Associates]


Possibilities are endless with themed table numbers! We love these driftwood table numbers/names and these vintage shore area post cards that served as table numbers. [Above Photo by Kiamarie Stone Photography; Design by The Jess Press; Below photo by: Endless Wave Studios]


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