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Incorporating your Dog into your Wedding

Not only do we love dogs, but we love when couples incorporate their fur baby into their wedding! There are a lot of ways we’ve seen this done and it always puts a smile on our faces. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate your dog into your big day!

Photo Table

Take advantage of the space on your gift table, guestbook table or photo table by adding some pictures of you and your loved one with you pup! Who doesn’t love looking at pictures of dogs!

Specialty Cocktail

Your specialty cocktail can be named after your dog! Just make sure you list out the ingredients so that people know what is actually in the drink. [Photo by Idalia Photography]


In lieu of favors consider making a donation to a dog related charity like the SPCA or Humane Society. You can display a photo of your dog and a sign detailing the donation.

Doggy Bags

Give your guests a real doggy bag to take home! Pack up a few biscuits in a plastic bag, tie it with a bow and let people take them home for their puppies!

Getting ready photos

If you are able to, plan to have your dog at your getting ready location even if it is just for a few minutes. The photographer can snap some pictures of you with your pup. If you want to include your partner, see if a friend can bring your pup to the first look for some extra special photos.


If your dog loves people and is super well behaved, you can consider having your dog at your ceremony. Be sure to talk to the venue in advance and coordinate with them as well as your photographer. You’ll want to assign someone who can be in charge of your furry friend before and during the ceremony as well so that you aren’t distracted. Often, local dog walkers can provide this as a service!


So you don’t want your dog at the ceremony but you still want him there…how about a life size cardboard cutout!? We still talk about how amazing Samantha & James’ cutout of their dog was that they proudly displayed next to their sweetheart table!


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