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General Wedding FAQ's

There are always some questions that come up frequently with couples. While we have covered most of these topics in other articles, we will sum them up here with links to the appropriate articles! [Photo by Yan Schwartzman Photography]

How much should I budget for my wedding?

This is like asking how much you should spend on a dinner out- you could get a burger at a fast food restaurant for $4 or you could go to a steakhouse in NYC and spend over $100. Everyone is different! We recommend figuring out what you are willing to spend first and taking it from there. How much are you and your partner contributing? Is there anyone else contributing and if so, how much is coming from them? After that, figuring out a rough guest count should be your next step. All of this needs to happen BEFORE you look at venues. For more on this topic, check out our budgeting article.

What is a first look and should I do one?

Traditionally, the first time a couple sees each other on their wedding day is at the ceremony, however, many couples now choose to do a first look. The first look is a private moment where you and your partner can see each other for the first time, prior to the ceremony. We are all for doing a first look for a lot of reasons! If you are debating if a first looks makes sense for you, check out our First Look article.

When should I book my vendors?

Around here, summer and fall (especially June and September) are the busiest seasons for weddings. If you are planning your wedding during that time, you’ll want to book your vendors well in advance. Photographers, Videographers and DJ’s/Bands tend to book up the fastest and furthest out. We’d recommend booking these vendors 1.5-2 years out. After that, you’ll want to check out florists, hair and makeup. Often florists take on multiple jobs in a day so their calendar may be more flexible. Even if you don’t know your specific floral needs yet, it’s still a good idea to start the process and select a florist. The details can be determined later! These vendors should be selected 1-1.5 years out. For more on hiring vendors, check out our links below!

Should I be providing transportation for my guests?

This is up to you! If your reception venue doesn’t have overnight accommodations (or if many guests are staying elsewhere) couples often provide transportation for their guests to and from the reception. Some couples provide the transportation to the ceremony (if in a different location) as well, but more often, it is to and from the reception. For more on Guest Transportation, check out our article about things to book for your guests.

My venue has a wedding coordinator and they said I don't need a planner. What do you think?

Ahhhh, we hear this a lot! We love teaming up with a venue that has a great coordinator and we definitely think there are plenty of tasks for everyone. There are a few things that we as wedding planners can assist with that the venue coordinator usually isn't handling.

Since we start with you a month out for Day of Coordination, we'll develop your timeline for your whole day, not just your ceremony and reception. We will also communicate with all of your vendors, checking their contracts, what they are responsible for and reviewing the timeline and important details with them. We look at your plan for day as a whole and figure out if anything is missing. Of course, while you and your partner are getting ready we will be there to assist and help the photographer as needed. We will also be the ones making sure you stay on schedule and get into your vehicles to go to the next location when the time is right.

We will handle your setup or assist the venue coordinator with it. Overall, our philosophy is that the venue coordinator knows their space best and we definitely don't want to step on anyones toes. We are all there for the same goal- make sure your day is amazing! The more people who can help accomplish that and work as a team, the better. Check out our article about Hiring a Wedding Planner for some more details. Want to learn more about our most affordable package, day of coordination? Click HERE to request the information.


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