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Hiring a Band or DJ for Wedding Music

When it comes time to hire entertainment for a wedding, couples are typically deciding between a band and a DJ. Here are a few questions for you and your partner to think about when deciding which makes the most sense for your wedding entertainment.


How much space do you have? Bands can take up a lot of room! Be sure to check with your venue to determine if a band can even fit within the space.


What is your budget? A band is typically priced much higher than a DJ. Bands in NJ can run anywhere from $8000-20,000. A DJ is typically $2500-$5000. [Photo by Sweet Water Photography]

Song Selection

Do you want to hear the original version of songs, or are you ok with twists on them performed by a band? If you are looking for the originals and an extra large variety, a DJ might be the way to go. Also, consider what type of music you like best and want to hear the most. If you are looking at a band, you'll want to make sure they mesh well with that music genre.

Once you have decided which you'd like to go with, here are some things to think about when hiring them:

  • Try to see the DJ or Band perform live, when possible (if you've seen them perform at a friends wedding that is always helpful!)

  • Talk to the DJ or Band and get a sense for their personality. Make sure it is someone that you'd want in charge of your microphone for the evening!

  • Make your music preferences known!. If you are speaking to a group that has many DJ's or Bands, they will be able to give you guidance on which DJ or Band would be a good fit for you.

  • Don't be shy with sharing your feelings about experiences that you have had at other weddings- what you liked about the entertainment and what you didn't like, in order to help find a good fit for you

  • Are there any extras that you are interested in? Often, entertainment groups can also provide photo booths and lighting to go with your package.

  • Think about whether or not you also need ceremony music and cocktail hour music and discuss your options for those as well

  • If your ceremony is at your reception venue, be sure to check with the venue about the sound for the ceremony. Often, the couple needs to provide it so it can be brought in through your band, DJ or audio company.


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