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Hiring a Wedding Florist

Flowers will likely be a big part of your wedding as they can be used in your ceremony space, for your wedding party, on your reception tables and as decor throughout other spaces. There are so many different things that can be done with flowers that it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what you want. We spoke to a few extremely talented local florists to get the inside scoop on the process of selecting a florist and figuring out a look for your wedding.

Flowers by Melinda


My team and I love helping our brides bring their visions to life. After our brides have picked their venue is usually when they reach out to us, from there we set up a consultation and meet at the flower shop. I love when a bride comes in the shop and we have a few weddings going on (which is most of the time!) and they can see us in full swing! AKA all the craziness! [Photo by Jessa Schifilliti Associates]

Through all the wedding planning right up to the day of, FBM is available and makes sure our brides are our first priority. Our bride and groom are our first stops in the morning with their personal flowers and then off to the venue! We make sure we cover everything and don't miss a beat. While on set up, we have a check list and the final contract so we can double check everything.

My team and myself really take pride in our work.  We are honest, caring and hard workers. We do this because we love flowers not because it's a job and you will see that when you come into the shop. 

Tips for your Floral Design Process

  • It's helpful for us to have some information before our brides come in for their consultations. We always need to know date and location first because sometimes we are already booked and some venues are just too far.

  • Pictures of inspiration are a MUST! We love to have an idea of the brides style before we meet. Most of the time, our brides have chosen Flowers by Melinda because they feel that we fit their wedding and even personal style. Which we LOVE. 

  • After we have our consultation, and our brides book with us, we like to meet again once the wedding date is a little closer. If a bride decides she changed her entire color scheme, that's OK, we just like to meet again to make sure we have all the details down correctly. Oh and email, we love talking to our brides so we don't mind if they email us everyday!

Sea Blossoms


Sea Blossoms is a floral design studio that caters to adventurous and free-spirited couples. Influenced by their love of art and nature, Meg and Jamie use the ephemeral beauty of flowers to echo the joy and commitment of a marriage. [Photo by Kelee Bovelle Weddings]

Tips for your Floral Design Process

You’ve screenshot and pinned all your favorite wedding images, but recreating someone else’s wedding just isn’t good enough for a day that’s meant to be all about you. If you enter your floral consultation with an open mind and give some creative freedom to your florist, you will be amazed at how they can go above and beyond the images and create something that is new, reflects the specific elements that drew you to an image and is a design you haven’t seen all over Pinterest already. Find the best florist fit and let them do what they do best! 

Flowerful Events


We feel that our clients’ wedding design is all about them and not about us. We are here to carefully listen to their thoughts and interpret their vision into flowers. We would compare the role of a floral decorator to a director or producer, who based on reading a book creates a play or a movie. We absorb the wedding couple’s vision thru their pinterest board or inspirational pictures and based on that create their dream wedding flowerscape. For those, who

experience difficulties in narrowing down their ideas or don’t know where to begin, we start by asking for their favorite color scheme and flowers. Based on bridesmaids’ dress color, bridal gown design, venue location and style we create a design plan that reflects it all. Then we usually tweak it a few times together with the couple and make final adjustments during our one on one flower trial that we offer to all of our clients before the wedding.[Photo by Idalia Photography]

Tips for your Floral Design Process

  • Use an open mind when selecting a floral decorator

  • Don’t try to hide your budget if you have one! It just makes it so much easier and more efficient if you come with an idea in mind of how much you would like to spend. Then florist can easily guide thru all available options while keeping the approximate price range as a guideline.

  • Before scheduling your meeting, we would highly recommend creating a Pinterest board or at least gathering a few images to reflect your taste and style that you could show your florist during the meeting.

  • We would certainly encourage you to prepare an itemized list that you would need for your wedding (ie how many bridesmaids flowers, groomsmen, parents, grandparents, ceremony wishes, reception wishes, cocktail hour wishes, etc.)

  • When designing, try to work with the existing surroundings and not against it. For example, if the couple chooses to have their wedding in a Victorian mansion, we would suggest keeping the floral décor opulent, lavish and full, versus very modern, minimalistic or geometrical. It does not necessarily mean they have to break their budget by using the most expensive flowers in large quantities. There are other ways to work around and a good florist or decorator can always make recommendations.

Kerry Patel Poetic Florals


Organically elegant floral compositions for the modern couple. Kerry Patel Poetic Florals curates elevated, yet meaningful floral experiences for elopements and intimate weddings under 100 guests. [Photo by Monika De Myer]


Just because you are having a small wedding doesn’t mean the details have to be overlooked. As an intimate wedding specialist, we focus on the details and the importance of flowers in the intimate wedding experience. Small doesn’t have to equal dull or simple; we embrace the luxury of an intimate wedding and work with our couples to create an exclusive, personalized floral experience for them and their guests.


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