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Often Overlooked Details

There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding, especially when you look at the day as a whole and the festivities that come before it and often the day after it. There are some details that we like to remind our couples about, as they are often left until last minute, so we want to make sure they aren't forgotten. [Photo by Jackie Averill Photography]

What's for breakfast...and lunch

Make sure you come up with a plan for meals in advance of the wedding. It's a very long day for you and your wedding party, especially the ladies who might have an early start time. Plan for delivery to wherever you are getting ready. Think about ordering something that won't be too messy since some people may already have their makeup done.

For on the Bus

If you are taking transportation to the ceremony, photo spots and the reception, it's a good idea to throw some food and drinks on there. Talk to the transportation company ahead of time to find out their policy. Some clean, simple snacks like pretzels or granola bars will go a long way. On the beverage front, water is a must and then you can throw in some beers or hard seltzer if the transportation company allows it.

Emergency Kit

When we plan a wedding, we come with our emergency kit which has over 50 items in it. If you don't have a wedding planner who is bringing one, you can plan to make your own mini kit. Our most used items are:

* Fashion Tape

* Scissors

* Hairspray

* Bobby Pins

* Sewing kit

* Lint Roller

* Pens/Markers

* Safety Pins

* Tissues

* Advil

* Tums

Tip Envelopes

These of course are optional, but if you plan to tip your vendors, make sure you make your envelopes prior to the day of. We've seen a lot of couples scrambling to make these on their wedding day and it becomes stressful for them and takes away from time that they could be spending with their friends and family. We recommend labeling each envelope with the money inside and giving them to your wedding planner or a relative who will distribute them during the evening. That way you don't have to worry about carrying them around or tracking a vendor down to hand it off.

Your Reception Items

If you received a cake server and/or toasting glasses at your bridal shower, don't forget to pack them so that you can get some use out of them on your wedding day. If you don't have them, don't worry, the venue can provide them (just confirm with them to be safe).

Alphabetize those Escort Cards

Opted for Escort cards rather than a seating chart? While someone like your planner or venue coordinator will be setting them up for you, be sure to alphabetize them ahead of time or get them to your planner prior to your wedding day so that they can do it for you. They should be alphabetized by last name.

Items for your Photographer

Detail shots are one of my favorite things to look at. Photographers work their magic and are able to style your details to perfection. Talk to your photographer about what they would like for you to have on hand for the detail shot. Sometimes they can even provide additional items for you like ribbon, a ring box or a jewelry plate to match your colors.. Often, the list includes

* Bridal Hanger

* Invitation Suite

* Jewelry

* Your shoes (heels and reception shoes if you have both)

* Extra flowers from your florist

* Your perfume

* If you choose to, an envelope with calligraphy on it

* Custom stamps if desired

* Both sets of rings (yours and your partners)

* Garter

* Bouquet

* Your something Blue

* Anything else that is personal to you (ie a handkerchief)

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