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Other Wedding Decor

Once your main decor details are complete, there are some other little touches that can be added to your wedding design. We spoke to the very talented designer, Jessica Giovine, owner of The Jess Press, a modern lettering and design company, creating pieces from invitations and stationary, up to all day-of signage and installations. We asked her for some advice on selecting signage.

"Match your signage to the style of your venue, and keep it cohesive! Cohesion is the most important aspect, as you don't want it to look like a mix of unmatched mess!"

So, with that in mind, here are some additional decor and signage options for your wedding day. None of these (besides a card box) are really necessary but all of nice, fun additions! [Photo by Dyanna Lamora, Sign by The Jess Press ]

Welcome Sign

We always see a lot of wooden welcome signs, adorned with flowers or greenery but there are a lot of other style options too. A mirrored sign or an acrylic sign can be a great piece at your entrance to your reception venue as well. If you'd like to repurpose the sign after your wedding, skip the "welcome" part and just put your new name and the date on it. This way, you can hang it in your house after your wedding. These two beautiful signs were created by The Jess Press! [Below Photo by Inspire Me Imagery]

Card Box

You will definitely need something to hold cards that your guests bring. Most people bring cards, not actual gifts to a wedding but it is still a good idea to have a gift table available. Your card box can be very simple or something that is more personalized. It can be cardboard, wooden, glass, a lantern or you can even opt for a traditional birdcage. Whatever you choose, you'll just want to make sure that enough cards can fit in there and personally, we always prefer an enclosed box with a slit for the cards. [Photo by Susan Elizabeth Photography]

Your Chairs

Would you like to add a sign to the chairs that you and your partner will be sitting in? A Mr. or Mrs., Bride & Groom or Better Together sign that hands on the back of your chairs is always a cute addition. [Photo by Idalia Photography]

General Signage

Some other common signs are used to communicate signature drinks and the couples hashtag for posting photos on social media. You can also add some general signs with love sayings or photos of you and your partner as fillers for the escort card table, gift table and mantels. Unplugged ceremony signs are becoming very popular and directional signs are always helpful when your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception are spread out. [Photo by Havana Photography; Sign by Sea Blossoms

Memorial Table

A memorial table to honor relatives or friends who have passed away. If you choose to create one, this can be done through a simple table with photos, a poem or even just candles.

Sweetheart Table

Often couples have the bridesmaids place their flowers around the front of the table and that is enough! If you are looking for a little something extra, your florist can come up with some special decor for this table. You can even rent a sweetheart table that is different from guest tables, like a wooden one, or just use a unique linen to differentiate the table. [Photo by Jackie Averill Photography]

Guest Book

There are a lot of different options here! If you have a photo booth, you can have guests place a photo strip into a book and leave a note next to it. A traditional guest book with white pages where guests can sign their name and leave a note is always nice or add a twist by creating a picture book of your and your partner (maybe with engagement photos) for people to sign. If you really want to do something different, you can have people sign a wooden board that can be hung in your house or sign a bottle of wine that you can drink on your first, second and third anniversary.


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