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Planning Your Wedding Exit Details

It's 10PM and the band is playing their last song. The main event is about to wrap up, but what happens next is up to you and your partner to decide! It's always best to have a plan. Here are some exit details to think about!

Sparkler Send Off

Sparkler send off photos can be very dreamy! There are a lot of logistics to consider here though. Trying to get a lot of guests who have been drinking outside to light sparklers at the same time as each other can be rather challenging. It's best to speak to your photographer and wedding planner to figure out a plan. Sometimes it is best to stage this photo earlier in the night with your wedding party. If you have your heart set on a big group exit, then maybe try a staged photo first in addition to the end of the night one in case it doesn't work out. Be sure to appoint a leader to help direct your crowd and have multiple lighters on hand! [Photo by Caroline Rocchetta]

Late night snacks

One of our favorite things is an exit snack! After all of that dancing (and drinking) it will be a nice surprise for guests on their way out. Some venues offer late night bar food as part of their packages. You can even do a table with cookies in bags for people. One couple we worked with did Philly Pretzel's on the way out, which we thought was a great, mess free snack for people to take on the bus or in their car with them. Another couple added a personal touch and had pizza delivered from their favorite spot in Brooklyn so that people could grab a slice on their way out.

We also enjoy seeing food trucks on the way out. Yummmmm! Be aware though that some transportation companies might not be ok with food coming onto the bus that is messy so make sure there is enough time for people to eat their late night snack before boarding the bus.

Plan for your gifts

One often overlooked detail is having a plan for your card box/gifts at the end of the night. Usually your venue or wedding planner will pack up for you, but the card box should always go home with you that night even if you are leaving other stuff at the venue. We always recommend appointing a close friend or family member to be in charge of the card box. This should be someone who is super responsible and will stay until the end of the wedding and bring it back to the hotel and to your room or wherever it is you will be staying. [Photo by Idalia Photography]


Speaking of where you will be are you getting back there!? If you had wedding party transportation earlier in the day it is likely not returning for the evening. Will you be riding the bus back to a hotel with your guests? If not or if you don't have guest transportation, make sure you have a plan in mind. Don't leave it as "someone will take us back". Make a plan in advance!

After Party

Some weddings conclude at the end of the reception while other couples plan for an after party. The after party can take place at your venue, at one of the hotels your guests are staying at or maybe even a nearby bar or restaurant. It can be informal or you can reserve a room/space. We always recommend speaking to the hotel or bar that you plan to go to because they may have cost-free options for reserving an area. It's nice to plan the after party in advance because then you can notify people wherever you have the "schedule of events" (ie wedding website, welcome bags).


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