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Signature Drinks & Specialty Cocktails

Most venues offer couples the option to selection one or two specialty cocktails for the wedding. Sometimes these are passed around as guests entered or they are displayed on their own for people to grab near the bar. Other times, they are offered at the bar and usually detailed in a sign for guests. [Above photo by Jessa Schifilliti Associates]

When you are able to choose two cocktail, people often select a bride's cocktail and a groom's cocktail. There are so many fun things you can do with these cocktails!

About The Couple

My husband and I met in Manhattan and we both love bourbon, so for our wedding we chose a Manhattan as our signature cocktail. Krissa and Bill named a cocktail after their dog- a Jack and Coke named a Big Louie. Maybe you got engaged in Spain and a sangria seems fitting. Even if it is as simple as the fact that the drink you select actually is your go to cocktail, it still shares something personal about you!

Fun Names for your Standards

If you decide to choose a cute name for your drink like "love potion" or "marry me mojito", don't forget to make sure it isn't confusing for your guests. With these types of drinks, a clear sign that guests can read quickly to determine the ingredients is important. For some fun name ideas, check out this Brides article!

Seasonal Cocktail

Choosing a drink that makes sense based on your season is another easy way to determine your signature drinks. For a fall wedding, try something with bourbon like an Old Fashioned or an Apple Sangria for something lighter. A Moscow Mule or Spiked Arnold Palmer make a great summer drink.

Keep it Simple

Whatever you choose, it is important to speak to your venue to make sure that the bartenders there are comfortable with and able to serve that drink. You'll want to make sure that they have all of the ingredients and that you won't be charged an additional cost to have the cocktail served. That said, it is best to keep things simple not only for the bartenders but for your guests. You want bar service to be quick, so anything too involved might slow that process down. You also don't want to confuse your guests, so keeping it simple and using clear signage is important. [Photo by Jessa Schifilliti Associates]

Drink Signs

Let's be honest, a big reason that people end up choosing signature drinks is because the signs are so fun! We don't blame you, we love a good signature drink sign. Etsy is full of great options (especially so if you want to include your pet!). Check out The Jess Press for some more beautiful signature drink signs! You'll want to match the signage to your overall wedding look and feel. Remember, try not to get too wordy with the signs but rather aim to clearly communicate what is in the drink, in a cute way of course!

Fun with drinks

Signature drinks aren't the only way to shake things up when it comes to your bar. We love Cocktail Caravan, a mobile bar that serves your guests. It's such a unique option for your wedding. [Above photo by Idalia Photography]

You can also do a champagne wall like this one from Rustic Drift.. If you have are a beer lover, try a tap wall. or this super unique vintage beer truck from Magnolia Events.. Even something as simple as a bar cart for your signature drinks is a fun way to switch things up.

Another mobile bar option that we happen to think is just gorgeous and adorable all at the same time is The Roving Bar. These bar options are all so different and unique and definitely not something that your guests are used to seeing at every wedding.


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