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Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for your wedding dress can be tons of fun but the weight of it being such a big decision can be challenging. We totally get it- t's probably the most money you will ever spend on a dress, that's for sure!

When I bought my wedding dress eight years ago I didn't know much about shopping for a dress.. I went into NYC with my mom, sister and my closest friends and found my dress at Kleinfeld's. It was a great experience and I felt very comfortable with the staff there. It was definitely a big shop though with lots of action going on around me.

Another route you can take is to go to a boutique dress shop that is smaller and more intimate. Often it is the owners themselves who are helping you out and they have the ability to give you a lot of one on one attention. I love the idea of a small, quiet setting to keep nerves calm when dress shopping . To share more about the experience and overall advice on dress shopping, we spoke to Melinda, Owner of FBM Bridal, a boutique in Point Pleasant that is

housed inside Flowers by Melinda.

When should brides start their dress search?

Brides should start about a year out.. most of the time a dress can take 8 months to come in. And then alterations take a few weeks as well. 

What should brides do to prepare for dress shopping?


Having a budget is a must, because you don't want to see and fall in love with something you can't afford! TEARS all day! 

Be open Minded

Lots of brides come in with one idea and are totally surprised when they love a completely different style they did not plan on trying.

Be Yourself!

Some brides wear their spanks and then some brides wear black underwear! Seriously! I think it's best to come into the appointment feeling your best, so if that means full on spanks or sexy little nothings ..then go right ahead! We will make it work. 

How do you recommend brides start if they feel overwhelmed by all of the options?

At FBM bridal we try really hard not to be overwhelming, but we understand how easily that can happen. I think it's best to try on all different styles your first time and then if you haven't said yes yet, at your next appointment don't even look at the ones you know you didn't feel your best in. It's too confusing! Just cross them off the list! 

Who should they bring with them?

Always bring a good support team. If you know your Aunt Sue has a strong option and often stresses you out.. leave Aunt Sue at home! You want to be able to remember how the dress makes YOU feel. 

For more information on FBM Bridal, check out our previous blog post about their boutique's opening, follow them on instagram @fbmbridal and visit their website.


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