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Wedding Favors

Are Wedding Favors necessary? In our opinion, it is completely up to you and your partner! They are a nice addition to your day, but nobody will miss them if they aren't there. If you are opting to have favors, here are some ideas we love.

Make it Edible

People get excited about edible favors and there are so many options here. We like the idea of giving people a snack for the way out- maybe it's a cookie or doughnut boxed up or a warm Philly Pretzel. Even though a food truck isn't a traditional favor idea, having a food truck outside of your wedding so that guests can grab a snack for the ride home is a really fun idea and a nice surprise for guests. [Above photo by Caroline Rocchetta Photography]

Think about the Season

Incorporating a seasonal element adds a fun touch to favors. For example, if it's a fall wedding, a mini jar of apple butter or pumpkin butter might be nice. For a summer wedding, you could do flip flops for the dance floor or something like salt water taffy if it's a wedding by the shore. [Photo by Marie Labbancz Photography]

Serve multiple purposes

A mini bottle of wine or champagne is always a nice treat but can get pricy. One thing to consider with favors is incorporating them into your escort cards so that they serve multiple purposes. For example, a mini champagne bottle with a tag on it.

Make a Donation

Instead of a favor, you can make a donation to a charity that means something to you and your partner. Just put a sign up near the gift table mentioning that a donation is being made and why that charity is important to you.

Make it Personal

Think about what is special to you and your partner. Jessica's parents made their own wine so they gave out bottles of it to their guests. If you you and your partner share a love for beer, maybe custom koozie's at the bar are the way to go. Love to cook? How about a custom spice blend with a recipe tied to it. If travel is important to you, think about using luggage tags doubling as escort cards. There are a lot of fun ways to make the favors personal! [Photo by Havana Photography]


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