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Wedding Party Details

Once your color scheme is in place, it’s time to start checking out dresses for your bridesmaids and attire for the groomsmen. Here are some things to consider when looking for each! [Photo by Havana Photography]



Think about the various dress materials- both how they look and how they feel. You’ll definitely want something light and airy for a summer wedding (think no sweat marks!).


Do you want to do multiple colors/shades or keep everyone matching? Are you open to patterns or just solids?


Long or short? Consider how fancy your venue and overall look and feel will be as well as the season. Recently, we have been seeing mostly long dresses for evening weddings.


Do you want to do multiple styles or keep everyone matching? We love the multiple style look and it is also nice to let your girls choose the dress that makes them feel the best and most comfortable.

Where & when to order

Check out your local bridal boutiques! Talk to them about the best process for your wedding party members that may be out of town. If you’d rather take it online, take a look at Bella Bridesmaids, Wedding Way, Azazie, Dessy, Lulu’s and BHLDN for some great options. Don’t forget, dresses take time to come in so plan to start this process at least 7-8 months out from your wedding!


Suits or Tux

Figuring out which style you’d like to go with is a big first step. Even if the groom is in a tux, his groomsmen can still be in suits. Think about how formal of a look you are going for with your overall wedding and what will make everyone the most comfortable. [Photo by Jackie Averill Photography]


If you are looking to incorporate colors, a suit is of course your best option. Groomsmen can match the groom or be in a different color. You’ll want to make sure that the color is complimentary to the color of the bridesmaids dresses though.

Ties or Bowties

If you opt for bowties, please please please (we can’t stress this enough) make sure there are at least a few groomsmen that know how to tie them. For bowties and ties, have some fun with them! This is a great place to add some pops of color or patterns, again, just make sure it works with the bridesmaids dresses.

Rentals or purchase

Will you have your groomsmen use their own suits or have them rent them? Most of the time if you go with tux’s, you’ll have the groomsmen rent. With suits, sometimes if you are doing something that everyone has, like black, you might choose to have the groomsmen use their own. When you start to get into colored suits or if you want the styles to all match, renting is your safest bet. You can use a local shop and have your men get measured in their hometowns or look into a chain like Men’s Warehouse or J.Crew. Another option is to check out a place like The Black Tux that has at home try ons.


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