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Planning a wedding is a big undertaking.
It can be overwhelming
even for the most organized couple.
There are so many little details and countless decisions to be made.

Planning a wedding requires funds.
It can be expensive. 
While I always recommend using a planner, it just might not be in your budget because even day of coordination can be pricey. 

Ready to see what this party's all about? 


A virtual wedding planner that you can afford!


After 8 years of planning weddings,
I'm transforming STP into a virtual service, ensuring that it is affordable for every couple. 
All of my guides, documents and templates are about to become yours. You'll now have the option to have a quick chat with a planner, because sometimes, you just need someone who "gets it" to listen. 

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STP Weddings Virtual Planning 


The Membership

With the STP Membership, you will pay a one time fee and have access to The STP Wedding Planning Guide, planning documents and templates that have been developed and fine tuned to meet our couples needs. 

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Consulting Services

Want to bounce an idea off of a planner? Have a specific question that you need to talk through? We've got you covered. Set up a 30-60 min. consultation with Jen. The best part, you can schedule on an as needed basis and pay per convo. 

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