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Late Night Eats for your Wedding

Pasta stations, slider stations, bacon wrapped scallops, prime rib and more! Weddings often have a lot of food offered between cocktail hour, salads, dinner courses and extravagant dessert bars alongside wedding cake. While it may seem like a lot of food, your guests are at your wedding for around five to seven hours. They are dancing a lot (hopefully!) and enjoying some cocktails, helping them to work up quite an appetite.

One thing that we have been seeing more and more of (and we must admit we are huge fans) are couples serving guests a snack for their ride home. It is a nice, unexpected surprise for your guests that we are sure they will appreciate. Here are some ideas on how to make the late night eats happen!

Food Truck

There are a lot of delicious food trucks out there to choose from, especially if you are having a wedding at the Jersey Shore. Food trucks are ideal for outdoor weddings, or a location where guests can see the truck’s setup and don’t have to wander too far from the dance floor. Ideally, you can have your food truck come about an hour before the end of your wedding. Talk to the food truck about the various options so that you avoid your guests all going to the food truck at the same time (for example, on the way out of the wedding).

Jen & Marc had The Empanada Guy at their after party. Some of our other favorite trucks include The Taco Truck, Johnny’s Pork Roll, Oink & Moo and The Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream truck.

Pizza delivery

Kate & James lived in Brooklyn and decided they wanted to have their favorite pizza from Brooklyn for guests at their wedding. It was so much fun to watch guests’ faces as they were surprised with a slice on the way out of some of the best pizza we’ve ever had! Your pizza delivery doesn’t have to come all the way from Brooklyn, but it’s easy for guests to grab a slice on their way out. Make sure you speak to your venue ahead of time though, as some may not be as open to this idea.

Mini Bar Food

During the last hour or so of your reception you can have the venue pass hors d’oeuvres similar to cocktail hour but this time have the items be bar food themed. For example, mini pizza bites, truffle French fries, sliders, chicken & waffles and soft pretzels.

Sweet Treats

A sweet treat for people to take on the way out can also double as a favor. We especially love chocolate covered oreos or cake pops from Lil' Cutie Pops in Red Bank. Tricia & Alex chose to give guests mini donuts from Terhune Orchard in Princeton on their way out! You can even ask the venue if they can serve some warm chocolate chip cookies coupled with milk, coffee and to go cups.

Something special to you

Maybe you and your loved one met in Philly and want to pay homage to that- why not hand out some soft pretzels or mini cheesesteaks on the way out of your reception. If you are from the shore area and love your pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches, talk to your venue about having those for guests at the end of the night. The late night snack can be another way to show your guests you want them to head home full of memories and with a full stomach!

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