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Making your guests feel welcome

A wedding day is for you, the happy couple! You get to choose pretty much everything that the day includes, but a big part of what makes your day truly special is the family and friends who are joining you. They come from near and far to share the day with you, so it is always nice to show your appreciation through little touches that can be added to your wedding day. Below are some ways to make your guests feel welcome from beginning to end!


Unfortunately not every wedding is easy to get to. That could mean the ceremony location is an hour away from the reception venue or the accommodations are quite a long drive after a night of cocktails. If it seems like a lot of your guests could use some help with transportation from location to location, then it would be a very nice gesture to arrange some transportation to help your guests get where they need to go. It may be an extra cost but in the long run it makes your guests feel like you are trying to make their day run smoothly too.

Hotel Blocks

Some of your guests may live locally but some may have to come quite far to see you tie the knot. For those that may have to come a distance giving them a suggested and often discounted place to stay is always a good idea. Most hotels will be happy to help you coordinate a room block where guests can call and reserve a room that is held for them for your wedding weekend.

Welcome Bags

Speaking of hotels there is no warmer welcome than a welcome bag. Everyone loves a present and as each guest checks in the front desk hands over a bag of goodies made with love by the happy couple. Every welcome bag is customized but some common items found inside are a wedding weekend schedule, water, snacks, gum, advil and many other things that will make your stay just a little better.

Flip Flops for Those Dancing Feet

Every couple hopes that their wedding is a nonstop party. Often ladies will want to remove their shoes after their feet start hurting. A nice addition to every reception is a basket of flip flops for your ladies to grab. Just buy a bunch of sizes and place them near the dance floor. Trust us, the basket will be empty and your guests will thank you!

Late Night Snacks

Even after cocktail hour and a big dinner, a few hours of dancing gets guests hungry and nothing is nicer than seeing that late night comfort food appear. Couples have lots of options when it comes to late night snacks such as pizza, pork roll sandwiches, soft pretzels, donuts and the list goes on. This is a great way to make your guests leave with great memories and full stomachs. Check out our blog post on good late night snack options!

Bathroom Baskets

Everyone needs a little touch up here and there! Put together a bunch of toiletries for the men and the women and place them in the bathroom closest to the reception for guests to utilize. Some great things to add are mints, mouthwash, hairspray, tissues, a hair brush, bobby pins and anything else you think would help make your guests' trip to the bathroom a treat!

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