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Shore to Please turns 3 years old!

We can't believe that Shore to Please is already 3 years old! What an amazing three years it has been! We have been so lucky to get to work with and get to know so many wonderful couples. We love seeing them relax during the planning process and their joy on their wedding day. We have also been blessed with the opportunity to meet with and work with a lot of talented vendors/partners. We continue to be amazed by how willing to help and provide guidance our partners have been. So, in case you can't tell, we love our jobs as wedding planners and are looking forward to what 2018 has in store!

It isn't often we blog or do instagram posts about ourselves, so we decided for our 3 year celebration we'll do a short Q&A so that you can get to know us a little better :-).

What's your favorite song to hear played at a reception?

Jen: I love the songs that get everyone singing- like Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer or any Bruce song. I especially enjoyed one wedding we were working where the DJ played a lot of throw back 90’s songs!

Kelly: I really like songs that are unexpected and not your typical wedding songs, but I also really like oldies. Runaround Sue is definitely a favorite of mine!

What are some of your favorite wedding trends since you've started event planning?

Jen: I really like how people are starting to make donations to a charity that has meaning to them rather than give out favors that are often forgotten or thrown out. I also loveeee a post wedding snack. There is nothing like a surprise on the way out. Two of my favorites have been pizza brought in from the couples favorite pizza place in Brooklyn and warm chocolate chip cookies in a bag provided by the venue.

Kelly: I do think trends change so frequently in the wedding world. One trend I hope sticks around is the late night bites trend. Many of our couples provided food trucks or snacks for guests on their way out and I think that’s a really nice addition to your wedding after a night of dancing!

What was your favorite trip you've taken as friends?

Jen: Our multiple California trips! I love visiting San Diego with Kelly and seeing our friend Pete and explore CA.

Kelly: Every trip we’ve taken has been fun but I really enjoyed Vegas and California. I always enjoy a quick trip to Atlantic City too!

If you could have a destination wedding anywhere were would it be?

Jen: Hawaii. I’ve never been before but I would love the idea of being surrounded by such a beautiful beach setting. Or maybe the Amalfi Coast, this is a hard question! I’ve been to Italy but have only seen the beautiful photos from Amalfi Coast. Between the backdrop, the amazing food and wine, it sounds like a dream.

Kelly: This may be a little cheesy but I am a big Disney fanatic so a destination wedding in Disney World is right up my alley.

If you had one piece of advice for couples when planning a wedding what would it be?

Jen: Try to enjoy it and always remember that it is YOUR day. It always makes us sad when we hear people say they just want their wedding to be over because planning has stressed them out so much. It doesn’t need to be stressful! There is also a lot of pressure to make changes or do what friends and family members are pushing for, but just remember in the end, it is your day and you are in charge!

Kelly: To enjoy it! I know that’s easy to say when you’re making big financial decisions and have lots of loose ends to tie up but it’s a unique experience that only you and your partner can share together. It’s one of the first experiences as an engaged couple figuring out solutions to problems and compromising so enjoy all the stress and craziness because you’ll wish you could do it all over again after the wedding!

What is your favorite food at a wedding?

Jen: I love dessert so whenever a wedding has dessert extras I get so excited. The Mill in Spring Lake had the most amazing ice cream bar ever- it was pretty much a candy bar with ice cream next to it.

Kelly: Unlike Jen I do not have a sweet tooth! My favorite food when I attend a wedding is the cocktail hour but when we are working a wedding I really enjoy tasting the venues’ dinners. They always do a great job feeding the vendors and making sure we have exactly what we need!

What is something people don’t know about your friendship?

Jen: Kelly and I have seen a lot of concerts together, dating back to multiple NSYNC concerts and Britney Spears. We’ve gotten to see Lady Gaga and meet her after the concert and my most recent favorite, Taylor Swift!

Kelly: We text and email all day long. I can’t remember the last time we hadn’t spoken to each other through text or email in an entire day. You’d also be surprised to know that we went to the same high school and out of the almost 400 graduating seniors Jen and I tied for #11 in the class!

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