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Keeping it Real with your Bridal Party

You’re in elementary school and at lunch you swap your peanut butter sandwich for a turkey sandwich, your favorite. At recess you run around the playground with that sandwich swapper laughing and giggling. That’s where it all began. You had found your soulmate; the one person that understood you no matter how crazy you were acting. The person that would stay in with you on a Friday night because you were having a bad hair day or would go out with you on a Saturday night because you got a raise at work and it was time to celebrate. Years pass and then the time comes that your relationship takes the next step and the big question is asked “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Your friends and family are honored so obviously, they say yes!

Now it is time to go look at bridesmaid dresses and while you’re looking through racks of satin and lace you see the price tags. You know that your friends will be up for any dress that you want, since it’s your big day, but wow those are pricy!

Then there’s the bachelorette party. You used to think you’d just have a small get together but now you can’t stop thinking about how fun a girls weekend in Vegas or Miami would be. It will be an unforgettable experience, but may make a large dent in your bridesmaids’ wallet- and we can’t forget their contribution to the bridal shower!

All of these experiences are great memories to share with your friends and family and they wouldn’t miss them for the world, but it’s so important that while you’re basking in the glow of the new sparkler on your left hand you remember that your bridesmaids may not have an endless amount of money to spend on wedding related activities! We put together a few suggestions to keep it real with your bridal party about the time and money commitment they will make to your big day and few ideas to help not break the bridal bank!

Give them a financial heads up!

Ask your besties to be by your side, but also let them know what type of expenses they may have in the months leading up to the walk down the aisle, so they can bow out early if the finances just don’t fit

Finding the dress

Find the perfect bridesmaid dress, but then tell your bridal party they can shop around at different retailers or online to purchase it cheaper. Don’t forget, a lot of girls will still need to get their dress altered too- another cost!

And the shoes

If you find a dress that that is steep in price, consider having the girls wear shoes they already own so they don’t have to buy another item

Getting Glam

Make your glam squad optional to your bridesmaids on the big day. Let them do their own hair and/or makeup instead of insisting they get it done professionally. This saves quite a lot. If you are set on having them do both, consider paying for one of the services.


Plan your wild bachelorette in a far away land, but if everyone can’t make it because of work or finances, have a local get together with the bridesmaids and groomsmen so everyone can get acquainted before your best day ever.

DIY works!

Encourage the DIY side of your bridal party to make decor or favors for your bridal shower. It’s amazing what a little glue and creativity can do for your wallet!

When all else fails, just remember that you want these girls by your side on one of the most important days of your life and they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. You can’t put a price tag on a memory!

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