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Creating a Wedding Look & Feel

Have you ever been a victim of mindless Pinterest and Instagram scrolling? We have definitely been there- we start looking at wedding images and then check the clock and realize we've been looking for an hour, not 10 mins. Resources like Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy can be very helpful during your wedding planning process but they can also be very dangerous and sometimes overwhelming! [Photo by Havana Photography. Decor by Sea Blossoms]

When figuring out your overall look and feel it’s hard to know where to begin. We definitely recommend checking out the resources we mentioned to start to get a feel for what you like. Just remember:

  • · Things cost money and some people have higher budgets

  • · Some things just aren’t realistic, especially in the Pinterest world

  • · Don’t drive yourself crazy- pick a few things you'd like to run with but try not to overwhelm yourself

As you begin the design process, here are some things we recommend considering and starting with to help guide you to your final look .

Reviewing Images

  • · Often it is easier to spot what you don’t like than what you do. Check out lots of images and save them to a pinterest board or document. If you don’t you don’t like it, mark it as such.

  • · Sort them into categories and look for common themes so that you can start to piece together what you think might go well when paired

Color Palette

  • · Consider your season

  • · Do you liked muted colors or big pops of colors?

  • · Think about colors that you definitely do not like and those you’d consider. Of those you’d consider, which mesh well together?

  • · Group colors by one or two main colors and one or two secondary colors

  • · You’ll want to think about your palette in relation to your bridesmaids dresses, groomsmens suits/ties and wedding invitations/stationary to start

Your Venue

  • · Think about your venues style and what would fit well with that

  • · You can gravitate towards the direction of your venue- for example if you are at a venue near the water you might want to consider a nautical color scheme and décor or shades of light blues/greens for a seaglass look or shades of soft pinks to go with the sunset

  • · Also consider the colors within your venue- if there are a lot of loud colors, you may want colors that soften the room.

  • · Look at the colors on the walls AND the flooring

Reception Tablescape

  • · Talk to your florist and share images that you like

  • · Do you like flowers on every table or would you prefer candles (or something else) or a combo?

  • · Do you like tall arrangements, short or a combo?

  • · What kind of vases do you like? Glass, mercury, wooden?

  • · Usually venues offer white or cream colored linens and occasionally will allow you to pick your napkin color. Start to think whether or not you’d want to rent any linens or use the napkins for color.

Once you have some ideas in your head and have pulled some pictures, try creating a moodboard to see your overall look. You can easily do this by putting your photos side by side in a powerpoint or other document in a collage format. This will help you to visualize how everything comes together!


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