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Selecting Your Wedding Cake

Being that I am a huge dessert fan, doing a wedding cake tasting is one of the most fun aspects of planning, in my opinion! There are a lot of different ways a wedding cake can be made and options for you to customize beyond just the flavor. Here are few things you'll want to think about when starting your cake process:


How many tiers do you want? Even if you have a big guest count, you're cake doesn't need to be huge. If you'd like to do something with only 2 tiers, you can do that and ask your bakery if they could also do a sheet cake for guests.

Are there other desserts?

If you are having other desserts too or just placing the cake slices on a dessert table, rather than at each guests seat, you may be able to reduce the size of your cake.

Buttercream or Fondant

Do you want your outside to be made of buttercream or fondant? Fondant produces a cleaner surface, but buttercream tends to be more traditional and a little cheaper.

Flowers or other decor

Would you like to have flowers down the side? If so, the florist can usually provide extra flowers and work with the bakery so that either the florist or the baker can place them on your wedding day. You can also go with a hand created design on either buttercream or fondant or maybe something extra special like the sparkly layer seen here [Cake by Chocolate Carousel, Photo by Susan Elizabeth Photography]

You'll also want to decide if you'd like a cake topper. Etsy has a lot of fun options and this could be a nice way to add a personal touch.

Grooms Cake

If you want to add another personal touch, some couples opt for a second, small cake, known as the Groom's Cake. This cake is often reflective of something that the groom enjoys (ie a hobby or favorite sports team). These cakes are usually very fun and not formal!

To get more advice and tips on selecting a wedding cake, we spoke to the talented team at The Vintage Cake in Atlantic Highlands. If you haven't checked out their work or tasted their cake, get on it, because they have some yummy and beautiful options.

The Vintage Cake


The Vintage Cake is a boutique bakery that specializes in custom cakes and desserts for all occasions. Since 2014, The Vintage Cake is owned and operated by Pastry Chefs, Gina Roselle-Broschart and Nancy Lee. Their cake studio is located in Atlantic Highlands, NJ where clients can schedule a tasting consultation to discuss all the details regarding their special day. All their cakes and desserts are made from scratch and with years of industry experience. 

Tips for selecting your Bakery & Wedding Cake

Once you narrow down the bakeries you are interested in, the first step in booking your cake would be to set up a tasting consultation with them. We would definitely suggest a tasting, as this is a fun aspect and should be relaxing part of planning your wedding. Prospective clients and pastry chefs get to know each other and can narrow down the specifics of their cake flavor choices, design and size.

Coming into a tasting, we suggest knowing the desired number of tiers, desired number of servings and 1-4 photos of cake designs for reference. A picture is worth a thousand words, so don't forget to email ahead your inspiration photos.  [Photo by Jessa Schifilliti]

Overall, the more information you can provide prior to the tasting, regarding your personal style, tastes and budget, will help facilitate the process. Giving your cake designer ample time to prepare feedback regarding your personal details. Leaving more time to enjoy all the delicious cake!


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