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Wedding Planning-Day of Coordination

You've probably heard the term "day of coordination" thrown around before but maybe you aren't sure if you need it or exactly what it entails. For us, this service should actually be call month of coordination! We feel it is the most cost effective and important package that we offer. So, what exactly does it include and why should you consider it for your big day?

Before we get into the details of our Day of Coordination package, we want to talk about one thing that seems to be coming up a lot recently. Many couples don't see a need to hire a wedding planner when their venue has a coordinator or a Maitre D'. We want to tell you that while we work together on your wedding day with your venue's coordinator, our roles leading up to your wedding are very different. Right now, most venues are executing 4-5 weddings a week. The volume of weddings that we take on is MUCH MUCH less than that, which allows us a lot more flexibility leading up to your wedding to work with you. Our couples are our focus, whereas your venue is focusing on a lot of moving parts, including their staff and food. We are here for our couples no matter how far out the wedding date is and we are there with you to problem solve every step of the way. We start and end the day with you on your wedding day and are dedicated to you and your guests. We love getting to work with a good venue coordinator because they work very hard to help your day go smoothly but in the end, one can not replace the other...our roles are not the same.

Now, moving on to what The STP Day of Coordination package includes...

It’s affordable

This isn’t full planning or design. It is straightforward and really focuses on the down and dirty work to make your day run smoothly. Our day of package starts at $2300. You are spending a lot of money on your wedding day, so it’s important to make sure it actually goes like you envisioned.

Services Starting 1 month out...

Since we start with you one month out from your wedding, we are able to review all of your contracts, your plan for your venue and your day as a whole. We often find missing components or are able to make suggestions based on our previous experiences that will help your day to run smoother.

But we can chat anytime!

Once you are contracted with us we are happy to answer any questions you have via email or hop on a quick call to hear your updates. We are also here for you if you just need to bounce ideas off of someone! Sometimes, you just need to get another opinion or make sure you are on the right track...that's what we are here for.

We provide you with resources

We have a lot of planning tools and resources that we share with you to help guide you through the process. It is challenging to navigate so we like to give you as much information as we can to help make your planning journey run smoothly. We love checking in with you along the way to see if you are in need of any additional resources and we are always adding more documents to our repertoire to help our couples.

Vendor Recommendations

We've worked with a lot of vendors over the years and we definitely have our favorites. We always share our recommended vendors list with our clients and are happy to answer any questions about experiences we've had vendors they are considering.

Contract Review

Send us your contracts and we will check them out to see if there is anything you should consider adding or if anything seems to be missing.

Kickoff Call or Meeting

When it is time to kick things off about one month out we have a call or in person meeting to go over all of your details.

Timeline Development

Working with you and your vendors, we put together a very detailed timeline for your day. It is something that gets shared in part with you, vendors, the venue, your wedding party, etc. It is the master schedule for the day so that there is no guessing about what should happen when and we can assist with keeping the day on track.

Venue Walkthrough

We will meet you at your venue to conduct a walk through with the venues coordinator and go over final details. [Photo by Megan Curren Creative]

Vendor Confirmations

Before your wedding, we will communicate via email or phone with all of your vendors. We will introduce ourselves as your day of coordinators and confirm what they are bringing, how their setup will go, when they should be arriving, the timeline for their portion, etc. We will make sure they know that we are representing you that day and that we are their point of contact.

Rehearsal and Day of Management

At least one planner will attend and coordinate your rehearsal. On your wedding day you will have a lead planner and an assistant planner (lead planner up to 10 hours). We will setup all of your DIY items, manage your vendor arrivals, manage your timeline and assist with your getting ready process. We are here to solve problems and help your day run smoothly. You will have access to our emergency kit and we will be there to help guide the day. Overall, that day we are there for you and will work hand in hand with you, the vendors and the venue to make sure it is a stress free day!

For more details on what day of coordination includes or to get a customized package based on your day of needs, please email us at


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