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It’s 7AM on your wedding day and the hair and makeup team will be arriving shortly. Where do you begin!? There is a lot to accomplish on the morning of your wedding so today we are going over some key things to remember so that you can be organized and relaxed on your wedding day! [Photo by Idalia Photography]

Create a Hair & Makeup Schedule

Create a schedule for your girls in advance. It’s much easier to have time slots for everyone so that they know when they should be ready and so that time isn’t wasted standing around saying “who wants to go next”. You can work with your hair & makeup team to get time slots and then you can fill them in. Let everyone know in advance and also print out a copy to display that morning. If you have a wedding planner, they can handle this for you!

Don’t forget to eat!

Figure out a breakfast and lunch plan in advance. Place your orders in advance when possible as well. You’ll want to make sure everyone gets to eat throughout the day so two meals and some snacks is perfect, depending on your departure time. Try to stay away from anything that is too messy as some ladies will be eating lunch after their makeup has been applied.

What to wear?

We’ve all seen the pictures of bridesmaids getting ready in matching robes. Think about whether or not you want to coordinate outfits for your ladies. Robes, pajamas, button down tops or anything that is easy to take off once your hair and makeup is done will work well. You can distribute them at your rehearsal so that everyone has them for the next day.

What to bring?

Your photographer or wedding planner can help you with a list of items that you’ll want to put together, in ONE spot, in the room you are getting ready in. These typically include your invitation suite, your shoes (ones for with your dress and reception if different), your rings (and your fiancés!), jewelry, perfume and any other personal details (garter, personalized items, etc). You may also want a to have a special hanger for your dress.

What about bridesmaids?

Be sure to provide them with instructions in advance. Will there be time for them to go back to their rooms before they leave for church? Should they bring their dresses to the getting ready room? Should they plan to get dressed in there? Where will their stuff stay during the ceremony and reception? The more info you can give them in advance, the less questions you will have to field on the day of!

Also, if you want a photo of all of the bridesmaids dresses hanging together, think about the hangers! You’ll want to supply matching hangers so that you aren’t stuck using dry cleaners hangers for the picture.

Exchanging Gifts

You and your partner may be planning to exchange gifts or a card. If you are getting ready in the same location, someone from your wedding party or your planner can help coordinate the exchange. If you are in different locations, just have someone grab them the night before. You'll want to wait to open them until your photographer is there and aware of it so that they can capture the special moment.

Your Florals

Personal florals will be delivered to your getting ready location. Make sure that all of the bridesmaids have their bouquets and figure out where any corsages or family boutineers need to go if they are not in the right spot (appoint someone to get them to the people that need them, even if it is at the ceremony). For the men, don't wait until last minute to start pinning those boutineers. They can be tricky and take some time.

Anything else?

Yes! Stay organized and try to do as much as you can in advance so that you aren’t frantic that morning. For example, your vendor tips can and should be done prior that morning. You can also collect money for hair and makeup from your bridesmaids BEFORE that morning. Consider having them venmo you the money and then you can pay the artists in cash, that way you aren’t stuck counting and collecting while trying to relax. You want to set yourself up for a relaxing and fun morning with your closest friends and family!

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